Boucherouite Moroccan handmade rug 1000 squares pastel colors

A 1000 SQUARES - Vintage Moroccan Boucherouite Rug

This beautiful pastel Boucherouite rug is made of colorful squares that will create a nice and cosy ambiance in your home

"Boucherouite" stands for torn and re-used clothing. We love the stories behind each Boucherouite rug and how unique they are.

Hand-knotted from wool or cotton threads, each piece is authentic as are the fabrics used and the final design. You will never find the same rug twice, and we have carefully selected this one because of its pastel colors and nice touch. 

Boucherouite rugs are hand knotted and often very colorful and artistic. 100% handmade, each piece is unique and comes from small villages in the mountains where it was carefully curated.

Dimensions : 3.8 x 6.7 feet // 115 x 205 cm

Material : 100% cotton
Shipping : Within 3 days from Brooklyn, NY. The tracking number will be provided as soon as the shipment is done.

For a Brooklyn or Manhattan pickup, email us at: hello@esmamaison.com